Parents walking their children to school. Parents walking their children to school.

Browse testimonials from parents and school staff about their experience using online school enrolment

"Overall I found the experience very slick and easy."

"Not much to say, it was quick and easy to fill out the form. Great work."

"I was extremely happy using the online application form."

"I thought the process was seamless!"

"Honestly, it's really super easy to use."

"I had a great experience using the online application."

"Excellent service, so easy!"

"Great offering, keep up the advancements with the use of online functionality."

"I thought it was awesome that our actual names were placed where it had previously shown a generic term."

"I had filled a paper form and was awestruck to see how quickly I could fill this form, just 5-7 mins whereas it took me close to half hour to fill paper form."

"I think it’s a great system."

"Great initiative - thank you!!"

"Really appreciate the time saved data entering and the accuracy of details such as email and mobile phone numbers."

"It has streamlined the process of enrolment and everyone is comfortable in using the system in this way."

"Pretty easy to use. Good checks and balances against sibling enrolment info. Saves a lot of time in data entry."

"This process streamlines enrolments - thank you for helping us."

"This is a real time saver for our small primary school."

"Am very impressed with the ease and time saved in using the Online Enrolment."

"Online enrolment is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I am very happy with the online enrolment system. It makes it much easier for parents and office staff."



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