School Counselling and Telepsychology Rural and Remote Schools

School Counselling and Telepsychology Rural and Remote Schools (SCATRRS) is a team of senior psychologists education who support schools in rural and remote NSW through a combination of in-person and telepsychology service.

Telepsychology is an exciting feature of this service, and one that allows greater opportunity for students to access additional support quickly.

SCATRRS team members assist students in the schools they support through working closely with principals, learning and support teams, parents and carers, local school counselling staff, broader educational services, and local health and agency providers.

The SCATRRS team provides:

  • direct support for students, including counselling, assessment, disability confirmation
  • professional learning for staff and school communities
  • support, in collaboration with local school counselling services, for schools impacted by emergencies and major community incidents such as natural disasters.

What is it?

  • Personalised Interventions that are focused on students
  • Capacity building that is focused on staff and schools
  • Community engagement and relationship building to enhance outcomes
  • Emergency response to support schools and communities experiencing serious incidents

Who is it for?

Schools and students in rural and remote NSW taking into consideration local need and context, as well as access to existing school counselling and broader mental health and wellbeing services.

How does it help?

Students have access to help when they need it and increased opportunity to engage with their education and connect with their community.

Schools have increased skills and resources to enhance student wellbeing and respond to students with mental health needs.

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  • Student management and wellbeing


  • Access and equity
  • Additional needs
  • Behaviour
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Specialist schools
  • Student assessment
  • Support

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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