How do I access behaviour support?

Education support for student behaviour

A wide range of support options are available to schools, staff and students. The Delivery Support Team Around a School comprises of non-school based roles such as the learning and wellbeing team, behaviour specialists, networked specialist facilitators and NDIS coordinators, as well as school-based roles including assistant principal learning and support, senior psychologists education and itinerant teachers.

Delivery Support also provide behaviour support options related to Safeguarding Kids Together.

The Health, Safety and Staff Wellbeing team provide incident and antisocial and extremist behaviour advice.

Your first point of contact from the Delivery Support team is your local assistant principal learning and support or learning and wellbeing officer. For more complex matters or whole school process support, requests may be considered at the Delivery Support coordination meeting. A behaviour specialist may be allocated to provide specialist support.

School staff can find their local non-school based Delivery Support team and contact details on the School Support Contacts  tab in the staff portal. 

The behaviour specialists are located throughout NSW. They are members of the local Delivery Support team and form part of the 'Team around a school' approach.

Image: How to access Team Around a School

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