Advice for incidents, anti-social and extremist behaviour

Schools have legal obligations to respond to an incident or if a student, staff, parent or school community member exhibiting anti-social and extremist behaviour.


All staff are required to have knowledge and understanding of the Incident Notification and Response policy and procedures. This ensures staff know how to respond to an incident when it occurs, who to notify and where they can access support.

Staff should notify principals about all student or staff-related incidents, as well as incidents that impact the school’s operation. Principals need to check that staff have contacted the Incident Report and Support Hotline (1800 811 523) to report the incident.

In the event of an incident occurring, the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and others are the first priority.

Legal help

The Legal Bulletin 57 – Responding to anti-social and extremist behaviour provides information on:

  • what defines anti-social and extremist behaviour
  • examples of what this behaviour looks like
  • who should staff notify if someone exhibits such behaviour
  • responsibilities and other requirements.

Case Management and Specialist Support

Safeguarding Kids Together (SKT) leverages off the work and outcomes of the School Communities Working Together program to offer schools on-the-ground specialist knowledge and support to foster continuous improvement in health, safety and wellbeing.

The Specialist Support Team, Safeguarding Kids Together supports NSW schools to:

  • Building a cohesive and respectful school community
  • Identifying students with vulnerability
  • Supporting students with vulnerability
  • Managing incidents and effective recovery

In addition to the Specialist Support Team, Safeguarding Kids Together also incorporates a Case Management Team. This team supports principals with the development of Risk Management Plans for students exhibiting high risk-taking behaviour such as anti-social and extremist behaviour and problematic sexualised and harmful behaviour. The Case Management Team sits in the Incident Notification and Response Unit in Health and Safety and works closely with other internal directorates including Educational Services, Child Wellbeing Unit and external stakeholders including NSW Police and Department of Communities and Justice.


  • Teaching and learning
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