Historical child protection allegations

Professional and Ethical Standards (PES) takes concerns about our schools and staff seriously.

PES cannot investigate or take action against a person who is no longer an employee.

Inquiries into historic events can be made more difficult by the amount of time that has passed. Staff may no longer work for the department, potential witnesses may not be able to be contacted, and people's recollection of specific events may be affected over time.

Historical child protection allegations about former employees which involve criminal conduct can be reported to the NSW Police Force.

PES provides assistance for historical child protection allegations by:

  • reporting concerns to child protection, law enforcement and accreditation bodies
  • sharing information with other agencies about the former employee and any risks they may pose
  • managing risk should the employee seek to re-engage in employment
  • referring victims to support services
  • referring matters within the department where the person is raising a legal claim.

You are encouraged to report historical child protection allegations to PES even if you are not sure whether the person is still employed by the department. PES will undertake relevant employment checks and then take appropriate action.

If the events occurred in a non-government school in NSW (this includes independent and Catholic systemic schools) or in a school outside NSW, you should contact the relevant school or the state's Department of Education directly.


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