School safety

Get up-to-date information on schools that have temporarily ceased operations due to adverse weather, bushfire, emergencies or other incidents. For information about fires in your area, please check the NSW Rural Fire Service website and ABC Listen app.

Non-operational school updates

All schools are expected to be operational on Day 1, Term 1. Check back before term starts on 28 January for up-to-date information on schools that have temporarily ceased operations due to adverse weather conditions, bushfire activity, emergencies or other incidents.

Refer to the Share Our Space page for information about schools that have opened their play spaces during the school holidays.

Non-operational TAFE updates

TAFE NSW has advised that all TAFEs are currently operational.

Independent schools, Catholic schools and early childhood education services

Independent schools

Refer to the Independent schools page for updates on non-operational Independent schools.

Catholic schools

Refer to the Catholic schools page for updates on non-operational Catholic schools.

Early childhood education services

If you have any questions regarding the closure of an early childhood education service in your area, please contact the Early Childhood Education Directorate on 1800 619 113 or via email on from 7am to 7pm

Smartphone apps

Get updates directly to your mobile device using these apps.

Fires Near Me NSW

For information on bushfire incidents, check the NSW Rural Fire Service mobile apps.

Emergency+ smartphone app

For guidance about when to call Triple Zero and information about who to call in various non-emergency situations, check the Emergency+ smartphone app.

More bushfire information

For more bushfire updates, call the bushfire information line on 1800 679 737 or check the NSW Rural Fire Service:

You can also get information from your school, local radio, TV and newspapers or by contacting your local fire station.

Live Traffic NSW

Check Live Traffic NSW for updates on road closures and interruption to services.

Evacuation centres

Find your local evacuation centres to access a range of support services available to those affected by the fires and arrange local support.

Bushfire smoke

With increased smoke across the state due to the current bushfires, we are focused on reducing the impact of the smoke on our students.

This includes moving outdoor activities indoors and may include cancelling outdoor events when the smoke is increased. Refer to the NSW Ministry of Health's Bushfire smoke resources for information on what you can do to avoid or reduce the impact of bushfire smoke on your health.

If you have any questions, please talk to your local school.

Mental health support

Large-scale distressing events affect our school communities in many ways.

Read our Advice to assist parents, teachers and students following recent fires and check out Headspace's mental health support resource (PDF 100.5KB).

More weather updates

For weather updates, check the Bureau of Meteorology:

Support for staff

Department staff can access bushfire planning and response resources (staff only).

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