Third party integration

Third Party Application Integration


The Third Party Integration (3PI) initiative forms part of the Information Technology Directorate’s strategy to provide a standard integration platform that enables information sharing in a secure manner whist protecting individual and corporate privacy.  Specifically 3PI standardises and simplifies the exchange of information between DoE applications and 3PI compliant third party applications.

What is 3PI?

3PI is a standards based data interface between DoE Applications and compliant third party applications.  3PI is based on the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF). More information on SIF can be found at the National Schools Interoperability Program website.

How do third party applications become 3PI compliant?

New vendors of student administration software to the Department of Education, email and we will provide you the steps to become compliant and integrate with the Department’s applications

Existing vendors of student administration software that are currently engaging with the department, please visit the vendor website for detailed information and support materials (you will need a vendor login).


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