Supplying IT goods and services

The department’s information technology (IT) needs are wide and diverse: from desktop computers to touchscreen display panels to presentation equipment. All IT purchases are made through a central process.

This is for a number of reasons: to ensure value for money, to make sure department IT services can support all devices, and to negotiate effective warranties, prices and delivery.

For major purchases, the department will issue a request through NSW eTendering. You can sign up to be alerted when new requests are registered at the NSW eTendering website.

In some cases, schools and business units are required to purchase from a specific supplier or group of suppliers. These are usually for goods and services that are considered critical, such as providing server management.

Sometimes, it's because the department or state government has negotiated a special contract. Sometimes, it's because technical support is only available for specific products. Sometimes, it's to ensure safety standards are met. You can find a list of these contracts here.

Most other IT good and services and equipment are purchased directly from suppliers on NSW Government panels arrangements.

Suppliers can find out more about these arrangements through buy.nsw.

  • For ICT Services, visit the buy.nsw page and select 'Information for suppliers' to find out more.
  • For Presentation equipment, visit buy.nsw and select 'Information for suppliers' to find out more.
  • Learn more about Third party integration.


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Business Unit:

  • Asset Management
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