Opportunity Class applications are now open

Applications open today for entry into an opportunity class in 2024 in NSW public schools.

Image: Opportunity knocks: High-potential children can benefit from studying with like-minded students.

Parents who have a child in Year 4 seeking entry into a Year 5 opportunity class can now apply for a place in 76 public primary schools in NSW.

Opportunity classes (and government selective high schools) help high-potential and gifted students to learn by providing specialist school settings that use evidence-based teaching methods.

They help students learn by grouping them with other high-potential students and use specialised teaching methods so students learn concepts in more detail and more quickly.

The research shows that these differentiated teaching methods benefit the academic and social development of students.

The majority of students in OC and selective high schools report higher levels of satisfaction from learning with like-minded students, as well as strong social relationships.

Where are they located?

There are 76 primary schools with opportunity classes in NSW:

  • 45 schools in metropolitan Sydney
  • 30 schools in rural and regional centres
  • a virtual class, Aurora College, for rural and remote students available in 618 authorised host schools.

Equity provisions

In 2022, the department introduced the Equity Placement Model to improve access to OC and selective high schools for students who experience educational disadvantage and who are currently under-represented in these settings. They include students from low socio-educational advantage backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, rural and remote students, and students with disability.

Under the Model, up to 20 per cent of student places at each opportunity class and selective high school are held for students from the four under-represented equity groups.

Students from the equity groups can be considered for equity placement where their test performance is within 10 per cent of the minimum first round offer of general applicants for the school (or as determined by the selection committee).

How to apply?

Complete the online application. Applications close on 15 May 2023.

Once the application has been submitted your child will be invited to sit the Opportunity Class Placement Test on 27 July 2023. Opportunity class places are offered based on students’ test performance (academic merit).

For more information go to " Opportunity classes—Year 5"

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