Olympian tips for the HSC class of 2021

As HSC students prepare for the start of exams tomorrow, Tokyo Olympians have some last-minute inspiration to get them over the line.

Image: Minister Mitchell, Olympian Melissa Wu and Matraville Sports HS HSC students

Few people are as familiar with the challenges of reaching the finishing line in this pandemic than our Tokyo Olympians, and today they’ve sent their best wishes to our HSC students, starting their written exams tomorrow.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said the entire state would be cheering on the students as they sat down to complete their exams, just as we cheered on our athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

“There’s no doubt it’s been a tough time for our senior students and I’m sure this is not how our Year 12s imagined their final year at school would be,” Mr Perrottet said.

“They’re to be congratulated for their resilience and persistence, working tirelessly throughout the pandemic and focusing on their studies and I wish them all the best with their exams.”

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said students should remember that life after school was just around the corner with many exciting opportunities on the horizon.

“This year's cohort are some of the most resilient students we have ever seen,” Ms Mitchell said.

“The past 18 months have been challenging, but I know that HSC students across the state will walk into their exams tomorrow determined to smash their goals.

“We are all behind the Class of 2021 as they head towards the finish line, and who better to help us wish students good luck and share their advice on motivation, goal setting and resilience, than some of our Tokyo Olympians.”

Tokyo 2020 Olympic bronze medalist Melissa Wu said her best tips for HSC students as they approached this final milestone was to remain focused on their goals and trust they had done the hard work.

“I can relate to how the students are feeling as they head into their exams. My main message to them is to stay focused, get outside and exercise when you can, and take some time to do something you enjoy, so that you feel calm walking into the exam room,” Ms Wu said.

“You’ve already come so far, and we are all behind you. You have done the hard work and you are ready now. You’ve got this!”

This year, school staff and communities have rallied behind HSC students, quickly adapting to learning from home, providing marks for practical exams, and supporting their students’ wellbeing.

“Principals, teachers and school staff have done an outstanding job to help their students prepare. Not only have they ensured quality learning can continue, they have kept their students safe and provided support and advice where needed. My sincerest thanks go to all our education staff across the state,” Ms Mitchell said.

The Stay Healthy HSC hub is a one-stop shop for HSC students to find tips, advice and resources on staying active, keeping connected and reaching out for help if needed.

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