More support for student behaviour

A new approach will give schools and teachers a range of expanded options to manage behavioural issues in the classroom.

Students will benefit from earlier intervention under a new approach in NSW public schools, which will see schools and teachers given more support and options to manage challenging behaviours in the classroom.

The final Student Behaviour Strategy, Inclusive Education Policy, and Restrictive Practices Reduction and Elimination Policy were released today as part of the NSW Government’s Inclusive, Engaging and Respectful Schools package.

The changes include:

  • an expanded dedicated workforce of specialist staff including allied health and behaviour support services
  • a new model of complex behaviour support to meet the learning and wellbeing needs of all students, including students with complex, challenging and unsafe behaviours
  • improved access to behaviour specialists for schools and students in regional and remote locations
  • additional evidence-based professional learning for teachers and staff
  • greater support for students with disability to access the curriculum
  • more support for vulnerable students through early intervention and targeted support
  • reducing suspensions for students, particularly in the early years
  • reducing and eliminating restrictive practices in NSW public schools

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the new approach will give schools and teachers the tools and support they need to reach students early, in the way that they respond to best, so they can fulfil their potential.

“Behaviour management in our schools is one of the most important aspects of providing quality education and we need to get it right,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We know that what is currently happening is not working as too many students, particularly those with learning difficulties or from low socio-economic backgrounds, are suspended and do not receive the support they need.

“This new approach will give principals, teachers and staff access to evidence-based support, including specialists, to allow them to put in place early intervention and prevention measures.

“I want to thank our principals and teachers for their ongoing feedback on this important work. Together we can improve outcomes, not only for some of our most disadvantaged students, but also for their peers, teachers, and entire school communities.

“This will be an ongoing process as we seek to get the settings in our schools right in the shared goal of supporting all our students to achieve their best.”

Implementation of the new Inclusive, Engaging and Respectful Schools package will commence for all NSW public schools from Term 2, 2022.

More information on the Inclusive, Engaging and Respectful package is available here.

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