Induction helps new principals grow and connect

Nearly 100 new principals of NSW public schools gathered in Sydney earlier this month.

Teachers sitting around a table. Teachers sitting around a table.
Image: Nearly 100 new principals from NSW public schools participated in the induction.

New principals of NSW public schools took the next steps on their leadership journey with a three-day induction in Sydney earlier this month.

Run by the School Leadership Institute, the induction aims to help deepen principals’ understanding of their role, support them in meeting their accountabilities, and develop capabilities by strengthening their understanding of key department policies and procedures.

Deborah Milgate, the principal of Manildra Public School, said the induction was the perfect opportunity to connect with other principals and build networks.

“It’s been a great platform to engage with other newly appointed principals as we all embark on our leadership journey,” she said.

“It’s created an additional group of principals that I can connect with beyond my school network.

“I was supported by a very knowledgeable principal facilitator, who offered deep insight and understanding about our roles as a leader of education.”

The 97 new principal participants were supported throughout the induction by 21 principal facilitators.

They heard from 15 department guest speakers, as well as representatives from the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW, Primary Principals’ Association and the Secondary Principals’ Council.

The Director of the School Leadership Institute, Joanne Jarvis, said the induction helped new principals build confidence to lead and positively influence their school communities.

“This supports their wellbeing and strengthens system leadership,” she said.

“Principalship is complex, so although their role description is discussed during the induction conference, we also explore the complexity of school leadership, which highlights the need for principals to be adaptive and nuanced.

“It’s also vital to instil in leaders a strong commitment to the ongoing development of self and others.”

Blaxland High School, Emma Le Marquand, worked with six new principals as a facilitator during the induction.

Ms Le Marquand said the new principals were outstanding leaders and great ambassadors for their schools.

“They will absolutely work tirelessly to make sure their schools are beacons of excellence in public education and their students are thriving,” she said.

The next principal induction is scheduled for Semester 1 2024 from 6-8 March.

A woman standing at a lectern speaking to a room full of people. A woman standing at a lectern speaking to a room full of people.
Image: School Leadership Institute Director Joanne Jarvis addresses new principals at the induction.
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