Fabulous five take out writing award

Willmot Public School has a group of five published authors in their midst after their win at the Sydney Story Factory’s 10-Year Anniversary Writing Prize. Olivia Grey reports.

Image: Winners are grinners: Willmot Public School students Lachlan, Jonathan, Reece, Baran and David look at their work in the published anthology.

A story about a waffle who comes to life has helped transform five young boys from students to published authors.

Year 5 and 6 students Lachlan, Jonathan, Reece, Baran and David, from Willmot Public School, on Darug Country, recently won the primary school division of the Sydney Story Factory’s 10-Year Anniversary Writing Prize.

The fabulous five, who won for their piece, ‘The Waffle Man’, a story about a waffle gaining consciousness, were encouraged by their teacher Nathalie Rabinovici to enter the competition.

“Ms Rabinovici is a phenomenal teacher and her supporting the participation in this competition has really inspired and encouraged our students,” said Principal Carley Bugeja.

“It’s incredibly exciting for their talents to be recognised this way. Writing is so vital as it allows us to capture people’s imagination, connects us with others, and most importantly gives people a voice. I am so thrilled to see our kids have a voice and it really shows how capable our students are.

“There were certainly lots of tears among both staff and students when our kids were announced as winners.”

For the five students, the win means more than prize money. For Jonathon, the competition has encouraged him to write even more stories.

"When we were announced as winners I was so excited, I couldn't believe it! This has changed my life and I’m already planning on writing more stories," Jonathon said.

"My family is so proud of me and so happy that I've improved my writing, and I can't wait to pick out a present for my cousin (who is soon expecting a baby) with the prize money.”

The Sydney Story Factory's 10-Year Anniversary Writing Prize saw more than 150 submissions and was judged by authors Radhiah Chowdhury, Eileen Chong and Isaiah T Soares.

Winners in the primary school division were given a $200 prize and the opportunity for their story to be published in the 'Best Of Story Factory' book.

The Story Factory works closely with schools across the state to support students and teachers learn more about the craft of writing.

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