Digital classes for creative arts

Creative Classes and Art Bites online for students, teachers and parents.

Image: New digital classes now available for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Students across NSW now have access to innovative creative arts digital learning resources that bring stimulating workshops, performances, interviews and masterclasses into the classroom or the lounge room.

The 31 published Creative Classes provide engaging, self-guided activities in all areas of creative arts from Kindergarten to Year 12, with more being added daily.

Murat Dizdar, Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance, said teachers will see how easily they can utilise resources produced by the department’s Arts Unit to meet the learning needs of their students.

“It is truly fantastic to see our experts assist classroom teachers in providing such engaging and high-quality lessons to support our creative arts teachers”, Mr Dizdar said.

The Creative Classes give teachers the flexibility to incorporate them as a part of their teaching and learning programs.

In addition to the Creative Classes, The Arts Unit has scheduled daily short video sessions, known as Art Bites, in a range of areas.

The Art Bites bring the expert into the classroom or lounge room, covering all art forms; dance, drama, music, visual arts as well as public speaking and debating.

There are practical lessons with talented tutors who demonstrate techniques and skills in a range of art forms, and every student will be able to find something that interests them at their level.

Once streamed, the Art Bites are available on demand. Students can then filter for their particular interest and watch Art Bites as a series, linked together to create a sequential learning opportunity.

Check out the digital resources:

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