What happens at playtime

This story has been designed to help students learn about school so they know what to expect and can learn positive ways to respond to new situations. As a teacher, School Learning Support Officer (SLSO), Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) or Aboriginal SLSO (ASLSO) you can help a student by reading through the story. You could point out how the student’s school experience is different and similar to that in the story and come up with other positive ways to respond. 

This story is also available as an audio story for students. This may be particularly helpful for students who are blind or have low vision.

Some students may find it easier to relate to a story when it contains pictures from their own environment. This may include some students on the autism spectrum or students with intellectual disability. The ‘add your own images’ version of the story allows you to add photos from school (for example, the student’s teacher, specialist, or classroom) before printing.

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