NESA case study - Noah

This case study illustrates adjustments for a student with disability studying PDHPE Stage 3. Noah is in Year 6 and has cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia. He is in a mainstream classroom in a primary school. 

PDHPE - Stage 3

Noah’s PDHPE teacher is programming a unit of work on movement skills, including rhythmic and expressive physical activities. The unit focuses on students creating and performing a small-group movement sequence.

Collaborative curriculum planning for Noah

Noah uses a wheelchair and has functional use of his left hand only. He can use his left arm for support on occasion. Noah has also sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and, as a result, has limited vision in his right eye, which is fixed and dilated. Noah uses a powered wheelchair as his sole means of independent mobility. He receives high support from a teacher’s aide for personal care and requires one-to-one assistance for all school excursions and activities.

Noah attends speech pathology fortnightly to help his clarity of speech and verbal communication. He tires easily, has limited concentration and recall, but is able to read simple stories and discuss what he has read. Instructions need to be broken down into short, manageable steps.

Noah is beginning to use a computer independently, however his typing skills are slow and he requires a large keyboard. He is working on increasing his speed and accuracy in using a mouse to navigate the computer.

Noah plays wheelchair soccer, swims regularly and goes camping with the family.

Adjustments for Noah

Through the collaborative curriculum planning process, Noah’s support team have identified that he requires substantial adjustments in all his subjects. The following goals have been identified for Noah:

  • increasing speech clarity
  • improving comprehension
  • becoming independent when constructing short texts
  • increasing fine motor skills
  • improving hand-eye coordination
  • improving confidence with fundamental movement skills, such as throwing and catching.

Noah is currently accessing Stage 3 outcomes. However, as he transitions into the next stage of schooling, it may be determined that an alternative curriculum option is more appropriate.

Using the information and decisions from the collaborative curriculum planning process, Noah’s PDHPE teacher considers appropriate adjustments for Noah for the unit of work on movement skills. The teacher describes ways that Noah can demonstrate evidence of his learning throughout the unit.

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