Creating inclusive spaces for children at primary school

A helpful example from AllPlay Learn

Providing access to an inclusive space can support students who are feeling anxious or emotional, or who are feeling overwhelmed by sensory input. 

In this video, two Victorian schools share how they have created inclusive indoor and outdoor spaces for students. Clear descriptions of the spaces, and how these were developed, are included.

The use of student-led time-out, in which students can choose to access time and a safe space to engage in strategies that help them feel calmer, is discussed. It is important to recognise that when the term ‘time-out’ is used in this context, it is not referring to a teacher-lead behaviour-management strategy.

For more evidence-based strategies, visit supporting students with transitions across the day, and our emotions strategies. 

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This video from AllPlay Learn features an examples of how two schools created inclusive indoor and outdoor spaces for students. 


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