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The NSW Education Parent App has new features making it even easier for parents and carers to stay in touch with their child’s school. Learn more with these popular questions.

The Parent App streamlines communication between schools and parents and carers. The app has several new features making it easier to keep up to date with the latest news and events, and get emergency updates from their child’s school.

Yes, the app is free and available for iOS and Android users. Download the NSW Education Parent App in the Apple Store or Google Play.

The new NSW Education Parent App has several new features not available on other third-party apps and can provide you with additional insight into your child’s school life.

You can receive push notifications to your phone with the latest newsletters, news, events, and calendar updates. You will also be able to receive emergency operational status updates such as a school closure, and if you have children in multiple schools, you can easily view updates from each school in a single newsfeed tailored to you.

The NSW Education Parent App has advanced privacy and security features, and it does not store any identifying data such as name, email, phone number or student data.

Make sure you’ve completed the onboarding process in the app and set up your school. You should also check that push notifications are enabled on your phone for the app.

You can also enable push notifications for each school that you follow in your School Settings within the app. If you still aren’t receiving notifications, there may not be any updates from your school posted on the app yet.

It is not mandatory for all NSW public schools to offer the Parent App. If your school has decided to opt out of the free service, you may wish to submit a request for them to opt in by contacting the school directly.

If you feel that your current communication plan covers your needs, principals can put in a request to to opt out of the service.

Please note the NSW Education Parent App is currently the only app that provides instant updates on the operational status of schools or emergency notifications. Existing users will need to be notified by the school that the app is no longer available.

Unlike other third-party apps your school may be using, the Parent App is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education, free for schools and parents and carers to use, and is synced with the School Website Service (SWS).

Key features of the app for parents and carers include:

  • newsletters

  • news

  • upcoming events and calendar

  • emergency notifications, including school closures

  • enrolment resources

  • learning resources

  • My school details, with quick access to call or email the school

  • tailored news feed based on year group.


  • Technology


  • School activities
  • School events

Business Unit:

  • Communication and Engagement
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