Official School Social Media - Rules of Engagement

These Rules of Engagement are for interaction with official social media channels owned by schools.

Official school social media channels are defined in the NSW Department of Education Social Media Policy.

For Rules of Engagement with state-wide department social media channels, see NSW Department of Education - Social media rules of engagement

In joining our community on social media, our school community follows the NSW Department of Education Code of Conduct and the Community Standards of the social media platform.


Our school community encourages interaction from participants with the understanding that the school does not endorse comments or wall postings made by visitors to the page. We ask that visitors making comments on the page show respect for other users by ensuring discussions remain civil. Personal attacks, trolling or spam will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to remove comments that do not adhere to the rules of engagement of the page and the platform's community standards including comments that:
■ are deemed racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene, spam
■ advocate illegal activity
■ are wildly off-topic
■ libel, incite, threaten or make personal character attacks on students, employees, guests or other individuals within our school community.

We reserve the right to remove any participant that does not adhere to the rules of engagement or the platform's community standards. Remember, your name and photo will be seen next to your comment, visible to all visitors to the page. We will not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial, political or other ventures.

Feedback and Complaints Handling

We encourage parents and carers to speak directly with the school as they are best placed to help resolve school-based situations as soon as possible. However, if you feel this is not something that can be resolved at the school level, you can escalate your concerns with a formal complaint via this online form.

The Complaints & Feedback Team will liaise with you directly for next steps.

You can also call the Professional and Ethical Standards (PES) Team on 02 7814 3722 during business hours or email to speak to that team directly regarding the conduct of specific staff members.

More information about how the Complaints & Feedback Team handles complaints is available here.

Age Limit

Terms and Conditions for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter state no one under the age of 13 years should have an account on these platforms. Therefore, any comments or page fans from primary students on our school community's page will be removed and, if warranted, users will be reported.

Tagging or naming students

Photos of students can only be published if the correct NSW Department of Education permission to publish forms have been completed by the student’s parent or guardian. For privacy and protection, please do not tag photos of children, and please do not name them in your comments, unless the previously mentioned permission is sought.

On rare occasions and with parental permission, students may be named by the school social media administration team. Tagging of parents or friends within the comment box is permitted with the understanding that all other rules of engagement are followed.

Moderation Hours

This page is moderated from 9am to 3pm on weekdays, excluding public holidays.


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