Accessible design

Our design team have highlighted some key missteps that others and themselves have made when designing a project.

Colour considerations

Poor colour contrast and colour combinations ensures users with low vision will struggle to read your text. Our colour matrix on page 19 shows brand approved colour combinations that pass accessibility.

Make sure colour isn’t the only way information on graphs is displayed. Alternatives such as using patterns or labels can help users with colour blindness read graphs.

Text formatting

Text should always be left aligned, in sentence case and 16px minimum for digital. Too many capital letters, text that isn’t left aligned or text that is too small makes it challenging for low vision users or those using a screen reader to understand what is happening on your page.

Alt text

Every image on your pages should have an alternative text description for those using a screen reader, as well as all your videos should have transcripts. Transcripts assist many people with disabilities in understanding your content.

Page layout

Have a linear, logical page layout. For example, ensure the page has headings, subheadings, paragraphs and bullets to convey your message. ensure the spacing between your lines is consistent. Not only is the best practice but it also assists many users with disabilities in easily navigating your page.

No text in images

Screen readers cannot read text within images, so if you’re trying to communicate important information there will be users who won’t be able to receive it.

Many only think about accessibility at the end of a project, if you consider it from the beginning you can incorporate more best practices and you won’t have to redo or rework anything right before your deadline.

Although you will be designing something for a specific target audience, all of your projects should be as accessible as possible.


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