Introduction from the former Secretary

This video was originally published in 2020.

In this video, Mark Scott introduces the new 'What works best' resources for schools and explains how they can be used for school planning and improvement.

Former Secretary, Mark Scott introduces the new 'What works best' resources for schools

For some years now, ‘What works best’ has been an indispensable part of the toolkit of great teachers across NSW education. And I’m delighted that now CESE has updated that research for 2020 and we can now provide an additional toolkit of support for teachers and leaders in our schools.

‘What works best’ identifies 8 key areas of practice which, when taken together, we’re confident will see a sustained lift in student improvement, and also see school improvement as well. We’re all committed to improvement in NSW education: every student, every teacher, every leader, every school, every year. And we’re confident as you take ‘What works best’ 2020 and you reflect on it as part of your school improvement plan, you too will see a demonstrable and sustained lift in student performance in your schools.

So we want you to take advantage of the great work of CESE.

We look forward to you using this practical guide and reflection toolkit, and taking advantage of these new professional online learning tools to help you take these 8 areas and make them come alive in your schools, to the benefits of your students, your teaching practice and the improvement of NSW education.


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