Performance and development

The department is committed to supporting every teacher and school leader no matter what stage they are in their career.

This aligns with the department priority to support success in learning, teaching and leading, ensuring our workforce is of the highest calibre and every student is engaged and challenged to continue to learn.

A feature of all leading education systems is a clear and effective process to facilitate the professional growth of teachers and school leaders. These include opportunities for:

  • teachers and school leaders to keep learning and improving every year, and support colleagues to do the same
  • bringing together the best people, ideas and information to the task at hand
  • working collaboratively across the department
  • developing practice using evidence-based research and data.

Performance and Development

The Performance and Development Framework (PDF) provides a process for teachers and school leaders to demonstrate a commitment to growing and developing their teaching and leadership practice.


  • Human resources

Business Unit:

  • School Workforce
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