Technical requirements

Schools that are moving to NAPLAN Online must ensure that all test devices meet the technical requirements provided by ACARA.

Locked down browser

The national assessment platform used for NAPLAN Online can only be accessed using a locked down browser. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPads and Chromebooks.

The locked down browser is a custom browser that increases the security of the exam environment. It disables the camera, spell check, screenshot, home, back and power button features, and prevents:

  • students from accessing other applications, web pages, software or hardware features
  • the use of operating system commands, such as functions accessed by ctrl-alt-delete
  • execution in a virtual machine or a virtual desktops, such as Citrix Virtual, VMware or Parallels on Mac
  • the user from exiting without confirmation.

For more information on the locked down browser, visit the NAP technology page.

Installing the locked down browser

All schools sitting NAPLAN Online will have all their managed devices installed with the latest version of the locked down browser.

eT4L Windows devices

The latest version of the locked down browser is v2.4.6 (updated: 29-Jan-2021). It will be deployed automatically to schools participating in NAPLAN Online.

For schools where the automated installation has not occurred on a device, you can install via the Universal Desktop Management portal (UDM) - located under Enterprise Agreement Software.

Locked down browser manual installation guide for eT4L devices (PDF 47.73KB)


All department-enrolled Chromebooks have the locked down browser application v0.15.8.2 (updated: 18-Oct-2020) installed by default.

The locked down browser launcher can be found in the Apps menu on the start-up screen that appears prior to log in. Users can choose to either start the locked down browser or log in to the Chromebook for regular use. Any Chromebook that enrols into the NSW Department of Education Google domain will see the new Apps menu.

Non-managed devices

For other devices, please visit the NAP technology page.

Bring your own device

Schools may adopt a 'bring your own device' (BYO device) policy, allowing students to use their own devices to sit NAPLAN Online. Each device will require the installation of the locked down browser application. Download from NAP technology page.

The use of a personal computer or tablet for national tests is supported by ACARA, provided the device meets the technical requirements for NAPLAN Online. Schools will be responsible for managing the installation of the locked down browser on BYO devices.

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