Technical requirements

Schools that are sitting the NAPLAN assessments online must ensure that all test devices meet the technical requirements provided by ACARA.

Locked down browser

The national assessment platform used for the NAPLAN assessments can only be accessed using a locked down browser. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPads and Chromebooks.

The locked down browser is a custom browser that increases the security of the exam environment. It disables the camera, spell check, screenshot, home, back and power button features, and prevents:

  • students from accessing other applications, web pages, software or hardware features
  • the use of operating system commands
  • execution in a virtual machine or a virtual desktops, such as Citrix Virtual, VMware or Parallels on Mac
  • the user from exiting without confirmation.

For more information on the locked down browser, visit the NAP technology page.

Installing the locked down browser

All schools sitting NAPLAN assessments online should have most of their compatible managed devices automatically installed with the latest version of the locked down browser. Some devices may require local deployment. Each device intended for testing use should be checked and confirmed first.

Further information about confirming that your devices are ready for the locked down browser can be found at the Technology 4 Learning website.


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