Getting ready

Resources for schools

Training information to support schools completing NAPLAN Online is available on the Training webpage.

Information on technical specifications including changes to how the new locked down browser is deployed to managed devices is available on the Technology requirements webpage

The Resources webpage provides tools to help teachers prepare for NAPLAN Online.

Information to support schools’ preparation for NAPLAN Online in 2020 is on the NAPLAN Online 2020 transition readiness webpage.

An 'Information for transitioning schools' fact sheet will be available mid Term 3, 2019.

Resources for parents and carers

The Parents and carers webpage includes information about transition to NAPLAN Online, information on privacy and links to the ACARA public demonstration site

Low bandwidth

Alternate low and no bandwidth technology solutions are being developed by ACARA with testing continuing in 2019. Additional training and support will be available for low bandwidth schools.

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