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The School Leadership Identification Framework (SLIF) helps identity teacher leaders who may be ready to move into a formal leadership role, and includes a suite of resources and professional learning opportunities to guide teacher leaders and their mentors through a development cycle.

The SLIF can be undertaken individually or by teachers working together in a school. When undertaken in a whole school context, the SLIF promotes a culture of collaborative leadership. Teachers work with a mentor of their choice and are supported to undertake a range of leadership development strategies within the school.

In the video below, Fairvale Public School Principal, Anthony Pitt, shares the positive impact a group of teachers engaging with the SLIF had on their school.

Fairvale Public School Principal, Anthony Pitt, shares the school's SLIF experience

Fairvale Public School Principal, Anthony Pitt

I feel that at Fairvale we have a culture where we support everybody. We support everybody in terms of leadership, we support everybody whether it's teaching and learning within a classroom, whether it's taking on an extra-curricular activity, whether it might sport or whatever the example might be.

(The SLIF is a powerful resource to support leadership initiatives in the Strategic Improvement Plan.)

The SLIF juourney has just added another layer of success to what we already do.

(The SLIF can be taloired to suit the leadership aspirations of individual teachers.)

SLIF isn't necessarily I want to be an assistant principal, it just might be I want to be a better leader within my team, working alongside my colleagues or just in my own classroom.

(Engagement with the SLIF benefits the whole school.)

What I see over time is I see teachers gain confidence in leading various project teams that have impact on student outcomes and student learning, where they are really driving impact or driving the area of focus to improve that.

(Being a SLIF mentor is a rewarding journey of leadership learning.)

I've experienced this too. You don't automatically just become a teacher and then move into principalship, there's a long road there and that really helped them unpack what this journey was about and it is a journey. The SLIF's a journey, a journey of learning, of discovery, of gaining confidence and so on. So for me though, I really enjoyed that.


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