HSC Professional Learning (English Advanced and Standard) - a quality teaching practice initiative

The HSC Professional Learning, focuses on supporting teachers to apply effective teaching strategies in select HSC courses.


This course is designed for teachers currently teaching a Stage 6 English (Advanced and Standard) class.

The HSC Professional Learning is offered each term – online and in real time – using Microsoft Teams. Teachers are encouraged to attend each term and can join at any point throughout the year.

The learning, grounded in research, builds teacher capacity to select and apply high leverage teaching strategies that support student growth in HSC achievement.

In 2021, HSC professional learning is offered for:

  • Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Industrial Technology
  • Mathematics (Advanced and Standard 2)
  • Modern History
  • English (Advanced and Standard)
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education
  • Visual Arts

This evidence-based course supports teachers to make pedagogical decisions to help students deepen their understanding of the discriminating features of high academic achievement in Stage 6 English.

Course designers and facilitators are curriculum advisers and practising HSC teachers from NSW public schools who are English experts and achieve in the upper performance bands, regardless of context.

The professional learning is designed so that teachers work with colleagues across the state to discuss the research into high leverage teaching strategies, their own teaching practice and student work samples and the development of quality resources. Our presenters unpack the discriminating features of high achievement in HSC English, offer examples, demonstrations and strategies, and mentor course participants within the professional learning day.

Participants share sample tasks and activities and student responses in a collegial, high trust and inspiring learning environment.

We use:

  • high-quality resources
  • videos of classroom practice and teacher discussion
  • real student responses, feedback and interactive tasks

Participants in this course will be working individually and collectively to engage with newly developed sessions each term. The course design iterates each term, responding to the evaluation of feedback that is provided by teachers. To meet the requirements of the professional learning, participants complete tasks throughout the day and upload evidence of their learning in the final module..


  • High School English

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