Reflect and reset resource

  • Reflect and reset (PDF 146.46KB) - Printing this on A3 allows more room to view and write, ideal for face-to-face collaboration.
  • Reflect and reset (DOCX 23.71KB) - A fully editable version, allowing you to add, remove or change questions to suit your context, ideal for keeping a digital copy and enabling online collaboration.

About the resource

The Reflect and reset resource poses a series of questions that are suitable for asking at a ‘pause point’ in the life of any project or strategic initiative. Answering these questions will help you:

  • reflect on your evidence (Questions 1-3)
  • plan your communication with stakeholders (Question 4)
  • distil key lessons for future planning and continuous improvement (Questions 5 and 6).

This resource is general in nature, and not exhaustive. Some questions may feel less relevant for your context than others, and you may want to explore other lines of inquiry.

The resource is flexible, and can be used for individual reflection or as part of a group process in a variety of settings. For example, it could be used by:

  • school executive teams, to enable consistent deep reflection on each of the processes in their school plan at the end of a year
  • a group of principals in a learning community, to reflect on a joint initiative whose funding is coming to a close
  • a Director, Educational Leadership to structure 1-1 conversations with principals about their professional development plan and school plan
  • a team in Educational Services, to structure their evaluation of a statewide initiative at a key turning point in its implementation.

This resource is optional. It is not intended as a requirement of any particular department policy, program or procedure.


  • Professional learning
  • Teaching and learning


  • Building capacity

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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