A selection of online courses that help teachers adapt their pedagogy to digital delivery. This includes support with planning and using different digital platforms.

View the 'Getting started' section to access a number of in-demand professional learning resources. Navigate further down the page for a wider selection of platform-specific professional learning.

Please note the information in these professional learning sessions was correct at the time of publication. Whilst there may be slight changes in functionality, the general nature of the sessions should still be applicable. If you have any concerns please contact the Technology 4 Learning Team (t4linnovations@det.nsw.edu.au).

The Technology 4 Learning team have released 3 useful guides for teachers:

You can also enrol in webinars or view the webinar recordings to build your skills in teaching online. Alternatively, access the full range of professional learning or teaching and learning resources to help you and your students teach and learn from anywhere.

Getting started – useful professional learning

Resources, webinars and Q&As

The Technology 4 Learning team frequently post new resources, host webinars and run Q&A sessions throughout the year to help you build your technology skills. Access the latest webinars and online Q & A sessions. Discover new resources, links and further technology information on the T4L news page.

The T4L team produce Magazine.T4L, an educational technology magazine just for teachers with a focus on transforming your classroom with technology, plus they also release a companion independent learning resource for students T4L Kids.

For independent student learning activities, view:

  • T4L Kids Magazine – Self guided magazine for students that provide engaging challenges that can be completed with technology.
  • Everyone’s an Author – Creative digital writing program for students in Stages 1 to 4.
  • The Student Podcaster and Filmmaker resources – Get students creating digitally with these self-paced resources!
  • Totally Tech – On demand interactive virtual excursions with linked activities to get your students innovating and creating digitally.


1 hour

Understand how to maximise the use of the iPad to engage early learners.

Engaging early learners with iPad on MyPL.

1 hour

Develop your skills and knowledge in how to capture student learning both online and offline using iPad.

Capturing learning anytime with iPad on MyPL.

1 hour

Understand how to maximise the use of native iPad apps to engage primary learners.

Engaging upper primary learners with iPad on MyPL.

1 hour

Focus on how to promote and develop creativity through learning experiences using iPad.

Releasing students’ creative potential with iPad on MyPL.

1 hour

Focus on how to promote and develop creativity through learning experiences using iPad.

Releasing students’ creative potential with iPad on MyPL.

1 hour

Exploring accessibility features and apps to ensure all learners have access to the tools they need to learn.

Supporting students learning with accessibility features on MyPL.

1 hour

Get the most out of your iPad as a teaching and learning tool.

Teacher productivity with iPad on MyPL.

5 mins

How to take a screenshot on an iPad or iPhone, annotate the screenshot in preparation to deliver as lesson content to students via Google Classroom or other means.

iPad: screenshots, annotating, sharing


1 hour

Learn how to make your classroom digital with Google Classroom.

The basics of Google Classroom on MyPL.

1 hour

Already using Google Classroom, discover its capacity to deliver feedback, assess with rubrics and more.

Taking Google Classroom to the next level on MyPL.

1 hour

Gain tips and tricks to empower your personal productivity. From file management to calendar and Meet for staff meetings. Please note students are now able to join a Google Meet meeting. For full information visit the Google Meet page.

Teacher productivity with G Suite on MyPL.

1 hour

Discover what the Google Suite can do and how it could engage your classroom.

Classroom productivity and collaboration with docs, slides and forms on MyPL.

1 hour

Learn to create self-marking quizzes to empower formative assessment and track your students from a distance.

Learning to assess online with Google Forms on MyPL.


1 hour

Drive collaboration and on-line learning utilising:

  • File storage and sharing
  • Assignment delivery Rubric grading
  • OneNote integration
  • Real-time feedback
  • Video conferencing with whole class.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams on MyPL.

1 hour

Gain tips and tricks to empower your personal productivity. From file management to calendar and word online and so much more.

Teacher productivity with Office 365 on MyPL.

1 hour

How to use OneNote to allow class and group collaboration to class and individual learning resources and tasks.

Collaborative classrooms with OneNote on MyPL.

1 hour

From assessing student wellbeing to formative assessment, Microsoft Forms gives you the power to check in from a distance.

Microsoft forms to create formative and summative assessment on MyPL.

1 hour

STEM and code anywhere, anytime with Microsoft MakeCode.

Microsoft MakeCode to take STEM learning online on MyPL.

1 hour

Discover the power of engaging students' creativity and prototyping skills by harnessing their imagination with Minecraft Education Edition.

Using Minecraft Education in an isolated context on MyPL.

1 hour

Enable teachers to convert printed learning content into digital form to allow access anywhere, anytime.

Using Office Lens to turn physical content digital on MyPL.

1 hour 30 mins

Explore how a range of Microsoft tools can be used to support EAL/D learners. These tools include Immersive Reader, Office Lens, and using Microsoft Teams Assignments to differentiate learning.

Watch Supporting EAL/D students with remote learning.

Other technology

1 hour

Do you need the Adobe Suite or the full Office Site of tools? Learn how to get them on your computer for low or no cost!

Accessing key software to work from home on MyPL.

1 hour

Exploring the staff portal to harness its potential by staying connected and then adding app essentials to support your online teaching.

Tips, tricks and tools to make your portal your productivity hub on MyPL.

1 hour

This webinar introduces Zoom to educators, including signing in and setting up your classes.

Getting started with Zoom on Microsoft Stream.

1 hour

Learn to navigate the Digital Learning Selector to get access to tools and online activities, including downloadable resources.

Getting the most out of digital tools with the Digital Learning Selector on MyPL.

10 minutes

How to use Flipgrid to connect with your students and send them a video task.

Sending a video task to your students using Flipgrid on Microsoft Stream.

1 hour

Learn to access your email, set up a student distribution list, add attachments to your email and send to students.

Making email work as a way to communicate with students and colleagues on MyPL.

Personalising learning from home

How-to guides for teachers, parents or students.

1 hour

Learn how to move your essential documents and data to ensure learning continuity. Plus, learn about the way in which the staff portal can keep you connected with key NSW Department of Education updates.

How to ensure learning continuity on MyPL.

1 hour

Technology has the immense power to level the playing field for students with additional learning needs, tune in to discover how!

Personalising learning with technology on MyPL.

1 hour

Learn how to set up your space and a classroom routine to work digitally.

Supporting independent learning using technology on MyPL.

2-3 minutes

A demonstration on how to use Microsoft Learning Tools to support students with reading and writing difficulties.

Microsoft Learning Tools on YouTube.

2-3 minutes

A demonstration on how to use speech to text on the iPad.

Dictation on the iPad on YouTube.

5 minutes

How to enable and use guided access on an iPad to keep students in a particular app.

Guided access on the iPad on Microsoft Stream.

2-3 minutes

A demonstration on how to have information read aloud to a student using the inbuild tool on the iPad.

Speak selection on the iPad on YouTube.

2-3 minutes

How-to video on personalising a student’s computer settings in Windows 10 using the Ease of Access centre.   

Windows 10 ease of access.

4 minutes

Learn how to use the app, Office Lens to take a photo of a worksheet and have the inbuilt Immersive Reader feature support reading and comprehension.

Microsoft Office Lens app

2-3 minutes

A demonstration on how to use voice typing in Google Docs.

Voice typing in Google Docs on YouTube.

20 mins

Making your video content accessible using captions.

Creating accessible video - captions

15-20 minutes

Making a personalised visual schedule using free symbols and delivering it to your student(s).

Making and delivering a visual daily schedule.

15-20 minutes

How to record a personalised video for an individual student and then send it.

Recording and sending a personalised video – basic

15-20 minutes

Creating a multimodal digital social story to send to your student(s).

Making and delivering a digital social story

10 mins

A short video explaining how to create simple cartoon animations using the app Puppet Pals.

Creating personalised social stories using Puppet Pals app

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