“Teachers need to know that every student is learning by continuously assessing their progress and incorporating that information into daily instruction.” – Sharratt and Fullan

CESE's What works best 2020 update describes Lyn Sharratt's five elements of effective assessment practice:

  • establishing learning intentions that are drawn from the relevant syllabus and clearly describe what students should know, understand and be able to do at the conclusion of a unit of work
  • creating success criteria that describe what success looks like in relation to the learning intentions and are co-created by students and teachers
  • providing explicit descriptive feedback to students in a timely manner and ensuring that it is clearly understood by students
  • building the capacity of students to peer assess and self-assess using the success criteria as a reference
  • developing the capacity for individual goal-setting by students, which includes students asking questions such as ‘What do I need to improve?’ and ‘What is my next step?’.
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