Leading secondary numeracy


Leading secondary numeracy is a sustained program of learning offered to numeracy leaders in high schools. By participating in this program, leaders will develop and refine their skills as they lead a whole-school initiative aimed at improving student numeracy outcomes.

Throughout the program, teachers will use Helen Timperley's leader inquiry and knowledge building cycle to determine the needs of teachers and students and plan to engage teachers and students in new learning experiences. At the same time, teachers will be building their capacity as leaders of whole-school initiatives. The leadership skills they develop and refine will be transferable to other aspects of leadership in schools.

Teachers will be introduced to change theory and supported in leading change in pursuit of improved student outcomes in numeracy.

Who should participate?

Designed for small teams of school leaders and aspiring leaders who aim to lead numeracy improvement in their high schools.

Mode of delivery

Blended learning - a mix of self-paced and facilitator-led learning.


Day 1: Understand key themes from 'What works best', their relationship with the School Excellence Framework for use in self-assessing current progress in whole-school numeracy action; experience and apply a data pathway to develop a narrative for their context and identify the density of need for a whole school numeracy initiative; self-assess and set priorities for action for high expectations, explicit teaching, effective feedback and collaboration to support improved student numeracy outcomes; explore a theory of change management and plan for leading change to improve student numeracy outcomes.

Day 2: Develop their knowledge of the National Numeracy Learning Progression; Experience and apply a process for using the learning progressions to provide fine grain detail of numeracy development as it is required in NSW syllabuses; and develop some professional learning to facilitate learning on the numeracy progression before Day 3.

Day 3: Understand the role of the numeracy progression in formative assessment; experience and apply a process for using the numeracy progression to analyse student work samples; and develop knowledge of effective feedback.

Day 4: Develop knowledge of learning intentions and success criteria; experience a process for co-constructing success criteria for a numeracy task; develop knowledge of effective pedagogies that support improved student numeracy outcomes; and plan to professionally develop staff in these pedagogies and their implementation with a target group of students.

Day 5: Develop knowledge of effective practices for ongoing assessment of student progress in numeracy; evaluate their actions throughout the program and plan for future iterations of the inquiry cycle; develop knowledge of how to promote sustainability and reinforce new learning; and plan for future actions in light of ongoing teacher and student needs.

Dates and locations

See MyPL for available dates and times (new sessions added throughout each term).

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If you have any questions, contact literacy.numeracy@det.nsw.edu.au.

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