Getting ready

Key dates, preparation activities, technical preparation, training, and resources.

Key dates

In 2025, the test window for NAPLAN is 12-24 March.

For further information about preparing for NAPLAN refer to the NESA NAPLAN website.

Preparation activities  

To prepare for NAPLAN, schools will be required to undertake tasks leading up to testing dates.

These will include:

  • NAPLAN administration
  • Technical preparation
  • Familiarisation activities.

Refer to the NESA preparation activities page for more information.

Students, teachers, parents and carers can become familiar with NAPLAN online by completing the sample tests available on the public demonstration site on the NAP (National Assessment Program) website.

Technical Preparation

Schools must ensure that all test devices meet the technical requirements provided by ACARA.

Schools can find more information about Technical Preparation at the Technology 4 Learning website.

The national assessment platform used for the NAPLAN assessments can only be accessed using a locked down browser. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPads and Chromebooks. For more information on the locked down browser, visit the Online National Assessment Platform – locked down browser web page.

Department of Education managed devices

For Department to Education devices, the latest version of the locked down browser is automatically deployed to the devices. Each device intended for testing use should be checked and confirmed first. Further information about confirming device readiness can be found at the Technology 4 Learning website.

Unmanaged devices

Unmanaged devices will require local deployment. Refer to the Online National Assessment Platform – locked down browser web page.

Can 'bring your own devices' be used?

Yes, however it is at the discretion of the individual school. Each device will require the installation of a locked down browser application, which prevents students from accessing unauthorised websites, applications and spellcheck features.

The ACARA website has more information on technical requirements for NAPLAN online.

Do students need headphones or earphones to complete NAPLAN online?

Yes. Headphones or earphones are required for each student to complete NAPLAN online. For example, the spelling test includes audio delivery of words that students are required to type in.

Will students need a mouse when using laptops?

No. A mouse is not necessary for successful interaction with the online items, although they can be used if a school prefers this approach.

What application do we need to install?

The national assessment platform used for NAPLAN online is accessed using a specially developed locked down browser that is available for Windows, Mac, iPads and Chromebooks.

Department-managed eT4L devices will have the browser deployed to their device. Department-enrolled Chromebooks have the locked down browser application installed by default. For other devices, schools will need to install the locked down browser on each device. See the technology requirements webpage for details.

How do we prevent plagiarism and the use of spellcheck?

There are national test protocols that schools must follow to manage the security of NAPLAN tests, the test environment and other relevant factors. These protocols specify security requirements and uniform processes and procedures to ensure students complete the tests under similar conditions.

A general requirement of NAPLAN online is the student’s device must be secured (using a locked down browser) so they cannot access unauthorised websites, applications and spell-checking features.

Does the type of device have an effect on student achievement?

ACARA has conducted a device effect study, which found that there is no overall device effect across content domains, item types and year levels.

What happens if a computer experiences issues during a test session?

No student is disadvantaged if their device stops working during the NAPLAN online assessments. In the case of interruptions, tests can be paused and resumed as required with no time lost. If a device stops working, all responses will have been saved and the student can usually complete their test in a rescheduled test session.


Schools will be informed when training is available in 2025 on how to prepare for and administer NAPLAN.

Please check the NESA Training for schools web page for updates.

Resources for schools

Information to support schools' preparation for NAPLAN online can be found on the NESA NAPLAN website.

NAPLAN Digital literacy skills quick reference guide

The quick reference guide (PDF  188 KB) is designed to help teachers and parents to improve students' digital literacy and capability skills and provide a positive experience within the online environment.

Test spaces fact sheet

The test spaces fact sheet (PDF 120.8 KB) is designed to help teachers prepare test rooms.

'Silence is golden' poster

This A3 poster (PDF 162.23 KB) can be printed and displayed around the school to remind students and staff to minimise internet usage during the testing window.


Schools should contact NESA for any enquiries about NAPLAN administration and results.

For advice about NAPLAN, Department of Education schools can contact the NAPLAN team by emailing

For further information about NAPLAN visit ACARA NAPLAN website.


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