Approved activities Category
1. Body weight 2

2. Body condition

  • visual assessment
  • condition scoring



3. Ultrasound 2
4. Growth 2
5. Body proportion 2
6. Pulse or bloodflow 2
7. Respiration 2
8. Skin temperature (non-invasive) 2

In order to weigh pigs they will need to be walked onto scales. Piglets may be weighed using a supportive sling or container, depending on their size and age. Routine weighing is generally done to:

  • Monitor growth rates
  • Match nutrition required with nutrition supplied
  • Provide data for analysis and planning.

Piglets can be held to allow measurements to be taken. This needs to be done quickly, as generally the piglets will squeal loudly, causing distress to the sow.

Larger animals can be held against a wall or corner for short periods of time. The use of measuring sticks and digital photography can increase the ease of measuring and recording.

Image: Piglet weighing needs to be done quickly as they generally squeal loudly, causing distress to the sow.
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