Approved activities Category
1. Body weight 2
2. Body condition – visual assessment 2
3. Growth 2
4. Body proportions 2
5. Pulse or bloodflow 2
6. Respiration 2
7. Temperature 2

All of these procedures should be able to be carried out with the donkey held or tied up with a headstall and lead rope. The use of a crush or twitch should not be necessary. Choose a donkey that is accustomed to these procedures and has a quiet disposition. Measurement can be made before and after exercise.

In order to weigh donkeys, they will need to be walked onto scales by a handler. Some vet clinics have scales combined with a crush to easily weigh donkeys. Depending on the size of the donkey, sheep or cattle scales may be used to weigh individual donkeys.

  • Monitor growth rates
  • Calculate medication dosage
  • Accurately assess nutrition requirements
  • Provide data for analysis and planning.
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