Advice about the management and care of Bearded Dragons for NSW schools.

Pogona vitticeps – Inland Bearded Dragon

The Inland Bearded Dragon is a species of lizard found over a wide range of arid and semiarid regions throughout Australia. The species can commonly be seen basking in the sun near roads and on trees in regional areas. The Inland Bearded Dragon is a popular pet and is often exhibited in zoos.

Adult Inland Bearded Dragons can reach a length of 60 cm and varies widely in colour from brown, reddish brown through to orange, yellow and white. They can undergo moderate changes in colour to assist with regulating their body temperature. When feeling threatened, a bearded dragon will flatten its body to the ground, open its jaw and puff out its spiny throat or “beard” to make itself appear larger.

Inland Bearded Dragons can be successfully kept in captivity, given they are kept in an appropriate enclosure and environment. They make a popular animal for keeping in schools as they require much less space than larger animals. When kept in schools, it is recommended that Inland Bearded Dragons are kept individually to avoid aggressive behaviour and unplanned breeding.

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