Approved activities Category
1. Body weight

2. Body condition

  • Visual assessment
  • Condition scoring
  • Ultrasound




3. Growth 2
4. Body proportions 2
5. Pulse or bloodflow 2
6. Respiration 2
7. Skin by temperature 2
8. Age by dentition 2
9. Scrotum and testicles (palpation) 2

In order to weigh cattle they will need to be walked through the race and into the crush. Routine weighing is generally done to:

  • Monitor growth rates
  • Match nutrition required with nutrition supplied
  • Provide data for analysis and planning.

Weighing cattle in the crush demonstrates this activity.

Cattle should be restrained while carrying out any of the above measurements. In general restraint is best in a crush, but well handled show animals may be restrained by tying up with halter and lead.

Image: Cattle are best restrained in a crush to carry out measurements.
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