Approved activities Category
1. Wool/hair 2
2. Milk 2
3. Faeces & urine (non-invasive) 2
4. Faeces (invasive) 3
5. Blood 5
6. Measurement of body temperature (invasive) 3

Faeces can be easily collected from a dung pile. To ensure that the faeces come from a particular animal, a large cloth or feed bag can be placed over the dung pile and the animal will defecate on top of, or very close to it. Students should wear gloves and follow proper hygiene procedures.

Collection of urine would rarely need to be carried out. If it is deemed necessary, a bucket placed over the dung pile may be a useful technique to collect the sample. Ensure that students wear gloves and follow strict hygiene procedures.

Image: Sampling the fleece – Collecting fleece samples is a simple procedure with animals that are halter trained and familiar with students handling them.
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