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Final year teacher education students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for a Graduate Teacher Scholarship.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is responsible for accrediting initial teacher education programs in NSW. Refer to the NESA website to make sure that the program you are studying has been accredited.

Up to 40 Graduate Teacher Scholarships are available. 20 scholarships will be awarded exclusively for selected Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) subjects.

Application process

Applicants are encouraged to commence and submit their application as early as possible during the application period.

Applications are now closed. 

Prior to submitting an application for the Graduate Teacher Scholarship, applicants are required to commence the department’s approval to teach process through the Graduate Recruitment Program. Following this, applicants must complete the Graduate Teacher Scholarship application form and email it to scholarships@det.nsw.edu.au by 11:59pm on Friday, 15 July 2022.

You will receive a confirmation email within three business days of submitting an application.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, please email the Employment Programs Team at scholarships@det.nsw.edu.au.

NSW public schools are grouped into ten geographic locations called regions. Each region has a number of 'areas' for the purpose of staffing schools. Applicants are encouraged to download and view the organisation of public schools by staffing area resource. As a scholarship holder, you are considered an employment applicant and therefore when selecting areas as part of your scholarship application, schools to which you are considered for appointment will align with the “areas” for the purposes of staffing schools.

A selection panel will consider applications shortly after the closing date. The location preferences you entered in your application, teaching subjects, academic achievement, practicum report(s) and teacher suitability interview/assessments outcome will be considered as part of the selection process.

The offer of a scholarship is dependent on the applicant:

  1. Being enrolled in their final year of teacher education studies at a recognised Australian university that will lead to a qualification that meets the department's and NESA's academic requirements for employment as a teacher of either mathematics, science (with physics), special education (years K - 12), agriculture or selected Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) subjects.
  2. Satisfying the conditions of a Working With Children Check, which is a prerequisite for anyone undertaking child-related work. The check involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.
  3. Meeting all recruitment requirements for approval as a permanent teacher through the department's Graduate Recruitment Program approval to teach process.
  4. Entering into a Scholarship Agreement, a legally binding agreement that outlines the responsibilities of both the scholarship applicant and the NSW Department of Education. The agreement also states the duration of the scholarship and the service commitment areas that were selected by the applicant during the application process.
  5. Successfully completing an assessment of your English language proficiency. This is a requirement to gain an approval to teach in NSW public schools for applicants who have not completed the full four years of required higher education in a country where English is the main language.

Yes. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified of the outcome via email once the selection process has been completed. If you change your contact details after the closing date, please email your updated contact details to the Employment Programs Team via scholarships@det.nsw.edu.au.

Successful applicants are required to sign a Scholarship Agreement with the department committing them to:

  • successfully completing teacher education studies at a recognised Australian university that will lead to a qualification that meets the department’s and NESA's academic requirements for employment as a teacher of a subject area of need by the end of 2022. The subject areas of need are:
    • mathematics
    • science (with physics)
    • technological and applied studies (design and technology in combination with: engineering studies or industrial technology - metal, timber or graphics/multimedia)
    • agriculture
    • special education (years K - 6)
    • special education (years 7 - 12)
  • successfully completing all recruitment requirements through the department's Graduate Teacher Program approval to teach process for approval as a permanent teacher.
  • accepting appointment as a permanent full-time teacher in a NSW public school in an agreed location on completion of their studies, commencing Term 1 2023.
  • remaining in the permanent full-time teaching position they are appointed to on completion of their studies for a minimum of three years.

Scholarship payments

Scholars are paid the $5,000 one-off training allowance upon commencement of the scholarship. The $10,000 appointment allowance will be arranged on completion of studies.

Allowances are paid in the form of an electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly into their nominated bank account.

The $5,000 training allowance and $10,000 appointment allowance scholars receive must be declared as assessable income on annual income tax returns. Scholars may have tax withheld from their annual training allowance and appointment allowance. HECS-HELP repayments may also be withheld depending on individual circumstances.

If a scholar is unable to fulfill the terms of the scholarship agreement they will be required to repay the department for any monies paid to them as part of the Graduate Teacher Scholarship.

Appointment as a teacher

On successful completion of their teacher education studies, and subject to meeting requirements of the department’s approval to teach process, scholars are appointed to a full-time permanent teaching position in a NSW public school, in an agreed location.

The permanent teaching position will commence Term 1 2023. A scholar may initially be appointed to a NSW public school temporarily as 'above establishment' until a suitable substantive vacancy arises.

On successful completion of their teacher education studies, scholars are appointed to a full-time permanent teaching position in a NSW public school in line with the agreed areas/schools confirmed within the Scholarship Agreement. Scholars should familiarise themselves with the schools located within each “area”. Scholars will be given one appointment and will not be offered multiple appointments under the scholarship.

Yes. On completion of their teacher education studies and appointment to a permanent position, scholars may be eligible for a wide range of benefits and incentives. The benefits vary from school to school. Use the Teach NSW benefits calculator to find out about the benefits and incentives that are available to teachers at individual schools.

Contact us

If you have not found the answers to your questions in the above FAQs, contact the Employment Programs Team via scholarships@det.nsw.edu.au or phone 1300 301 435.

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