Find answers to the questions most frequently asked about the Small Group Tuition Program.

The program provides intensive small group tuition to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of students who have experienced disruption to their learning. It has been operating for the past two years in NSW Department of Education primary, secondary and specialist schools.

NSW schools are recruiting educators to deliver the program.

All ITE students* studying a Bachelor of Education or Master of Education are encouraged to apply, in particular students in their first, second and third year of university.

Classifications that may deliver small group tuition include:

  • teachers
  • educational paraprofessionals*
  • educators (non-teacher) - this includes retired teachers without current NESA accreditation, educators from the university sector and students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching without conditional teaching accreditation from NESA*
  • school learning support officers (SLSOs)*

*Educational paraprofessionals, educators (non-teacher) and SLSOs must work under the guidance and supervision of an accredited teacher.

School job vacancies will be advertised in the 'Current vacancies' section of the Teach NSW Small Group Tuition Program webpage. Applications will be accepted as soon as a vacancy has been advertised.

To apply for an advertised position you will need to provide:

In addition to applying directly, ITE students are encouraged to create a ClassCover profile. This will allow schools to view your availability before contacting you. It will also allow schools to discover your profile via the database, giving you the opportunity to grow your network and be contacted for more teaching opportunities.

ClassCover is a third-party booking platform that allows schools to see who is available for casual teaching and small group tuition work in their school. Schools can search the database and communicate with educators regarding opportunities available in their school.

Creating a profile is encouraged and will enable schools to see your availability and contact you with Small Group Tuition Program opportunities.

Please visit the ClassCover website and follow the instructions to set up a profile. If you have any difficulties, you can contact their customer support.

Casual hourly rates applicable to educational paraprofessionals are:

  • educator grade T1: $53.74 per hour (applies to educators from the university sector with no teaching qualifications)
  • educator grade T2: $57.32 per hour (students enrolled in current Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching without conditional accreditation from NESA).

Experienced teachers and SLSOs applying for a small group tuition positions will be paid in line with the respective employment awards.

Please note information and rates of pay are as of 21 November 2022.

Postgraduate students working in the the tertiary sector are welcome to apply to become educators (non-teachers) within the program. To be successful, you will require an academic background in either education or a relevant specialisation in mathematics or English.

Yes, you are still eligible to provide small group tuition as your work will be directed and supervised by an accredited teacher.

You will be able to apply directly for a vacant position advertised in the 'Current vacancies' section of the website. We also encourage you to create a profile in ClassCover to further increase your visibility and allow schools to contact you with Small Group Tuition Program opportunities.

Yes, educators who are in their first three years of study are eligible to apply for the program as an educator (non-teacher). Once you receive your approval to teach you can seek employment as a teacher.

All applications will require:

A Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance is provided by the Office of the Children's Guardian. To make an application visit their website.

Please note you will have to appear in person at a Service NSW centre to complete the identification check. There is also a charge for obtaining a WWCC clearance.

Prior to submitting an application, Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students are required to complete the documents as outlined in the 'How to apply' section of the webpage.

Once an offer has been made, ITE students are required to complete mandatory training as part of the onboarding process coordinated by schools.

During the time an ITE student is employed in the program, you will be encouraged to attend professional learning, staff development days and virtual coffee catch ups specific to the program. Further information will be available via the Microsoft Teams channel.

A Microsoft Teams channel is available for all educators and currently has over 5,000 members. This channel provides a place for:

  • general chat
  • announcements
  • support and collaboration
  • professional learning
  • virtual coffee catch ups

Successful applicants will be provided with sign up details.

For Small Group Tuition Program enquiries, please contact us via smallgroup.tuition@det.nsw.edu.au or through EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

You can also subscribe to receive program updates delivered to your inbox.

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