Transcript for Daniel - Why teach TAS?


teach.NSW interviewed Daniel, a Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) teacher at Willyama High School in Broken Hill, western NSW. He talks about his passion for industrial arts and his desire to enhance learning opportunities for students within TAS.


The video begins with an establishing shot of the Willyama High School campus as seen from the air.
Video transitions to opening titles: ‘Why teach Technological and Applied Studies?’.
We are introduced to Daniel who is speaking interview-style to camera. As he speaks, the video shows a montage of scenes from the high school TAS workshop, where Daniel is helping his students using various tools and equipment as they engage in woodwork. A final scene shows a student giving Daniel a fist bump as the class leaves the workshop.


I always wanted to be a high school teacher. So I'm very passionate about what I do, I love industrial arts.
I think in general most students are really willing to give TAS subjects a go. They're quite excited when they enter those courses and start learning a little bit more about things that they might not be previously exposed to.
A goal of mine is to always improve the learning opportunities, especially in TAS where I work. Whether it be new equipment or better teaching strategies, things like that, anything that will enhance and invigorate the TAS faculty, or the school as a whole, is certainly something that I'm very passionate about.

Closing Scene

Fade to white.

Text: ‘Head to & apply now’.

Transition to text: ‘Apply today!’
A mouse pointer scrolls through a list of scholarships:

  • Teacher Education Scholarships
  • Teacher Education Scholarships – Aboriginal
  • teach.Rural Scholarships
  • Great Teaching, Inspired Learning Cadetships
  • Great Teaching, Inspired Learning Internships
  • Incentive Scholarships
    Transition to text: ‘Teach and make a difference in NSW public schools’.
    Fade to NSW Government logo.


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