Bert Evans Scholarship winners announced

One hundred and 50 apprentices from across NSW have been awarded scholarships.

Two men standing next to a drill. Two men standing next to a drill.
Image: Among the recipients was Aston Pritchard, 19, a second year apprentice engineer from Sydney. Aston is pictured with Minister Steve Whan.

One hundred and fifty outstanding apprentices from across NSW have been awarded a life-changing Bert Evans Apprentice Scholarship, which provides crucial support to individuals who are facing hardship.

The $15,000 scholarship, spread across three years, aims to provide vital support to individuals who have demonstrated a strong aptitude for vocational education and training in difficult circumstances.

The 2024 cohort of winners includes 45 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apprentices, 67 learners with disabilities, 46 women excelling in non-traditional trades, and 64 mature-aged apprentices, with 116 of the recipients coming from regional NSW.

Notably, many of these apprentices represent multiple equity groups, showcasing the program’s steadfast commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

Winners include 19-year-old, second year apprentice engineer, Aston Pritchard from Sydney. His story exemplifies resilience and dedication in the face of personal challenges.

Aston's commitment to his apprenticeship despite having to care for his mother is truly commendable.

For Aston, it's particularly promising that he can use the funds to alleviate the cost-of-living pressures and invest in essential items for his education and skill development.

The financial support all winners will receive will undoubtedly make a positive impact on their lives.

All recipients’ stories underscore the importance of recognising and supporting individuals who demonstrate resilience and commitment in pursuing their goals despite adversities. It's inspiring to see programs or initiatives that contribute to the well-being and success of individuals facing challenges in their personal and educational journeys.

Launched in 2014, the program is open to registered apprentices in metropolitan and regional NSW and includes school-based apprentices.

The scholarship is named after former NSW Board of Vocational Education and Training chair, Bert Evans, who developed a strong appreciation for apprenticeship training after beginning his career in the manufacturing industry.

Member for Skills, TAFE and Tertiary Education, Steve Whan said:

“Congratulations to all recipients of the scholarship. Our government is so proud of each and every one of you, and we are so pleased to be able to support you as you undertake your apprenticeship.

“This financial commitment by the Minns Labor Government, totalling $2.25 million over three years, is an investment in the future success of these apprentices and the growth of our skilled workforce.

“These apprentices represent the future of our skilled workforce, breaking barriers and contributing to a more diverse and dynamic industry.

“This initiative is a fitting legacy to Bert Evans, who dedicated his life to promoting vocational education as a foundation for success.”

Two men standing outside a caravan. Two men standing outside a caravan.
Image: Mr Whan said Aston's commitment to his apprenticeship despite having to care for his mother was truly commendable.
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