Get recognised for your experience

Get trade qualifications through organisations supported by the Trade Pathways Innovation Fund. You could get a trade qualification in your area, get recognition of your industry experience and increase your job prospects.

Funded projects

Bread baking pathway

Industry: Baking


  • Certificate III in Bread Baking

Contact the Baking Association of Australia if you’re an experienced bread baker looking to get qualified.

Cake and pastry chef pathway

Industry: Baking


  • Certificate III Cake and pastry

Get in touch with the Baking Association of Australia if you’re an experienced cake or pastry chef looking to get qualified.

Barbering pathway

Industry: Barbering


  • Certificate III in Barbering

Discover more about Project Barber if you’re an experienced hairdresser who wants to become a qualified barber.

Local government trade pathway

Industry: Construction


  • Certificate III Carpentry
  • Certificate III Plumbing
  • Certificate IV Building & Construction
  • Certificate IV Residential Drafting
  • Diploma in Town Planning

Contact Canberra Region Joint Organisation if you're a woman working in local government and would like to become a town planner or tradesperson.

Crane operator pathway

Industry: Crane operations


  • Certificate III in Construction Crane Operations

Contact Apprenticeship Careers Australia if you have previous experience in crane operations and would like to complete additional training.

Dairy farmer pathway

Industry: Dairy


  • Certificate III in Dairy Production
  • Certificate III in Agriculture

If you’re an experienced dairy farm worker, contact Dairy NSW to learn about their DairyStart pathway to trade qualification.

Electrical Trades Assistant Upskilling Program

Industry: Electrical


  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Visit Energy Skills Australia’s page to find out more about the pathway to trade qualification and licensing for electrical workers with trade qualifications gained overseas.

Hospitality career pathway

Industry: Hospitality


A range of hospitality-related Certificate III qualifications.

Visit the new Hospitality Without Borders digital platform if you are a migrant worker looking to enter the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Butcher and meat processing pathway

Industry: Meat processing


  • Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)

Contact the Meat Industry Training and Advisory Council if you’re an experienced butcher looking to get qualified or if you would like to enter the meat industry for the first time.

Nursery worker pathway

Industry: Nursery & Garden


  • Certificate III in Nursery Operations

Get in touch with the Nursery and Garden Industry NSW and ACT if you’re an experienced worker looking to get qualified.

Maintenance welding pathway

Industry: Welding


  • Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade

Make contact with the Manufacturing Skills Australia if you’re an experienced metal fabrication worker and want to refine your skills in maintenance welding.


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