An amazing experience

Two DOVES Council members write about their time spent so far working on the council.

Nothing short of amazing

My name is Rory Forrester and I’m a Year 7 student making up one third of the Regional North and West DOVES Directorate.

So far, my experience as a DOVES member has been nothing short of amazing. I have already had the chance to meet and workshop with all the council members, visit Parliament House and the NSW Department of Education office in Parramatta, liaise with the Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell, participate in an interview with NITV and spend time hearing the wishes and concerns of students in my directorate.

Working with like-minded, passionate and driven students has been rewarding in so many ways. Together with the DOVES members, we have been able to bring issues directly affecting students to the attention of the Minister who has been extremely supportive and ready to action our requests.

The DOVES council is so important in making sure our student body is being heard to make the future education the very best it can be.

Words from one of the youngest members

My name is Hannah and I’m a Year 6 student part of the Metropolitan North Directorate of the DOVES council, I am also one of the youngest council members in DOVES

It has been an amazing experience on the council and I’ve met many awesome and inspiring people.

Along with meeting with other students on the council to discuss the latest issues in education, we recently met the Governor-General of Australia over Zoom. It was such a great experience to meet him and his wife who shared with us their interesting ideas and experiences.

We’ve also had virtual meetings with the NSW Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell to discuss our thoughts, current concerns and ideas for the future of education.

The DOVES council really is amazing, and I can’t wait to hopefully see some of you join the DOVES Council in 2022!

The authors

Rory (Year 7) and Hannah (Year 6) are both current members of the DOVES Council.

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