Transcript of Every day matters video - Primary school

Girl 1: Who's up for a swim at my place?

Girl 2: Oh my god, yes

Boy 1: But what about Noah?

Girl 1: Noah wasn't here today

Next morning with the same students walking outside. Noah walks up to them from behind.

Boy 1: Noah you're back!

Girl 2: Hello!

Girl 1: You missed the best afternoon

Noah: Why, what happened?

Girl 1: I guess you just had to be there Noah

Girl 2: Sorry Noah

The girls walk away from Noah

Boy 1: Are you okay?

Noah shrugs

End frame: “When it comes to attendance, every day matters.”

With the website URL:, and the NSW Government waratah logo.

Noah and the boy catch up to the girls.


  • Every day matters

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  • Communication and Engagement
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