Zones of regulation at The Ponds School


Foster an environment that supports developing self-regulation skills for students with disability by trialling and evaluating zones of regulation.

Measure of success

Efficacy of zones of regulation on student self-regulation skills displayed through student attendance, behaviour incidents, engagement in school activities and learning outcomes.

All measures

  • Major behaviour incidents

  • Loss in learning time

  • Attendance

  • Learning outcomes through the Students with Additional Needs (SWANs) assessment tool

  • Demonstration of learning goals

  • Level of engagement

  • Teacher satisfaction

  • Teacher resilience

  • Parent satisfaction

Partner school

The Ponds School


This Disability Strategy initiative is trialling a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach with students with disability across the school. The approach teaches students to become more aware of their emotions and impulses, manage their sensory needs, and improve their ability to problem solve conflicts.

It involves:

  • creating four zones which identify with specific activities and display visual aids for students

  • lessons and recording weekly video modelling sessions to visually teach children about the zones

  • professional learning to inform all staff of zones

  • resilience training to promote staff wellbeing.

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