Impact 4 all at 10 Sydney schools


Build teaching capacity to support the diverse learning needs of students with disability through skill-sharing between mainstream and school for specific purposes (SSP) teachers.

Measure of success

Build a support system that helps children with disability thrive academically and develop good physical, mental and emotional health.

All measures

  • Teacher confidence

  • Teacher participation and uptake

  • Attendance of professional learning sessions

Partner schools

  • Chalmers Road School

  • Lucas Gardens School

  • Strathfield South High School

  • Victoria Avenue Public School

  • Strathfield South Public School

  • Concord Public School

  • Marie Bashir Public School

  • Homebush West Public School

  • Enfield Public School

  • Homebush Public School


This Disability Strategy initiative is designed to empower teachers and executive staff in mainstream and support units to build their confidence, experience, skills and capacity to improve outcomes for students with disability.

The project is a joint initiative between Chalmers Road School, Lucas Gardens School, Strathfield South High School and Victoria Avenue Public School that is collaborating with a wider network of schools in the Strathfield network. It involves 40 teachers and one education consultant.

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