Enhancing School Learning Support Officers at five schools


Improve the classroom impact of SLSOs and student learning and wellbeing through a collaborative professional learning model.

Measure of success

Improved student learning and wellbeing.

All measures

  • Professional learning outcomes

  • Student wellbeing

  • Student learning

  • Parent perceptions


Partner schools:

  • Homebush West Public School

  • Marie Bashir Public School

  • Homebush Public School

  • Enfield Public School

  • Strathfield South Public School

External partner: Bolster Education


This Disability Strategy initiative involves Bolster Education delivering professional development to SLSOs to improve their impact in the classroom on student learning and wellbeing.

Fortnightly professional development sessions for SLSOs will include coaching on effective interactions and evidence-based interventions. Teachers will be included to strengthen their ability to create effective partnerships with SLSOs.

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