Adapted texts at Victoria Avenue Public School


Allow students in a support class to access curriculum-related concepts, information and narratives on the same basis as their peers in mainstream classes by using adapted versions of texts.

Measure of success

Effectiveness of adapted texts in improving language comprehension.

All measures

  • Adapted text assessment scores (Vocabulary, opinion, inferential, and literal comprehension)

  • On task and off task behaviour

  • Teacher, parent and SLSO interview

  • Student interviews in relation to abstract concepts, supported by visuals

Partner school

Victoria Avenue Public School


This Disability Strategy initiative assesses the potential for students with moderate intellectual disability and/or autism to access the curriculum in an age-appropriate way through the use of adapted versions of texts studied by their mainstream peers.

This project is based on the reading theory in Scarborough’s Reading Rope (2001). Word recognition is not required of the students. Background knowledge, vocabulary, language structures, verbal reasoning and literacy knowledge are explicitly taught and supported. Visual supports, including primary sources, are used wherever possible.

The project aims to help students:

  • improve literal and inferential comprehension

  • improve ability to form and support opinions

  • demonstrate understanding of abstract concepts.

It involves seven students with autism and/or intellectual disability and several with ADHD in a Stage 3 class.

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