Generate as many ideas as possible to consider in response to the defined problem.

Each school community will have its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Local expertise should be leveraged to help inform how best to address them. The best outcomes are achieved when they are informed and guided by the local knowledge and experience of principals.

Your school should look to adopt approaches proven to make a positive change, by incorporating evidence-based practices to help improve student outcomes. This may include building on existing practices and school planning.

  • what success will look like:
    • is the relative cost of resources versus the impact of the proposed approach a consideration?
    • what improvement measures are expected and in what timeframe?
    • what evidence will be collected?
  • how the school community can be engaged to:
    • embed cultural perspectives
    • generate innovative proposals to address the underlying needs
    • develop the most promising ideas so that they can be tested.
  • how the school attendance plan will be communicated:
    • so that all partners are aware of their responsibilities
    • the proposed actions are endorsed and supported.



Buninyong Public School's initiatives to support student wellbeing and improve attendance.

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