Term 2 change impacts on schools

The department has undertaken a comprehensive review of the planned changes impacting schools and in particular, teachers, in Term 2, 2023. The mandatory and optional changes proceeding in Term 2, 2023 are outlined below.

There will be 3 new mandatory changes that impact schools in Term 2, 2023:

  1. Familiarisation with changes to timing and content of NAPLAN school and student summary reports. As a result of the earlier NAPLAN testing window and change to Proficiency Standards action is required for teachers to familiarise themselves with these changes to apply to learning and teaching planning and to discuss results with parents. Action is required so that schools have usable NAPLAN reports.
  2. Cyber security enhancements bundle. This includes some minor changes to the look and feel of IT systems used by teachers/administration staff/principals, and changes to email communications / logins. These changes, which are mostly invisible to staff, include software enhancements, increased data security, and heightened cyber monitoring across the school network.
  3. An update and simplification of the WHS Management Program. This will realign to the NSW Government Sector plan and increase focus on Proactive WHS Management with a goal to reduce incidents and injuries and streamline processes to reduce administrative burden.

There will be 5 new optional changes that impact schools in Term 2, 2023. Optional means that schools can choose whether they participate.

  1. Clontarf Foundation Evaluation. This work with schools will determine the scope and parameters of evaluation of the Clontarf program.
  2. HSC for Aboriginal Students Fieldwork. The fieldwork will inform further improvements.
  3. Self-Assessment and Planning (SAaP app for preschools). Schools will be able to use an online app to develop their preschool quality improvement plan.
  4. Consultation related to the mobile phone ban in high schools.
  5. Collecting baseline data to inform the Reconciliation Action Plan.

There will be no new pilots starting in Term 2, 2023.

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