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It's not easy being a teenager. Their bodies are going through all sorts of changes.

Friendships are evolving. And the pressures of school just seem to increase every year.

So how can you help them to manage some of that stress?

Well, you can focus on three things: kitchen, bedroom and study.

Let's look at the kitchen first. What's in the pantry? What's in the fridge?

What are they reaching for when they are studying?

Filling a water bottle and taking it to their desk is so good for them. It will keep their body and brain hydrated

If they're hungry, fruit is the best option. Keep some apples and oranges in the kitchen for them

Maybe put a bunch of bananas on the bench where they'll be seen. Veggies are also a great snack. For example, carrot sticks.

For the main meals, quick and easy is the key. Salads, curries, stir frys, pasta, chicken, fish, steak and veggies

All fast to whip up and packed with long-lasting energy.

If they're getting the right foods they're going to find it easier to concentrate. And they'll start to sleep better too

And while we're talking about sleep let's not forget about the importance of exercise. A bit of activity during the day is so good for them.

Exercise relieves stress. It also relaxes the body so they can get a good night's sleep.

The bedroom itself is an interesting place.

Teenagers' bedrooms can easily become an inside out space. Nothing's on the shelves or in the drawers it's all on the floor.

Make a weekly cleanup every Saturday part of their study routine.

Or encourage them to do a quick 5 or 10 minute tidy every day to keep the mess under control. Dirty washing to the laundry, trash to the bin, footy boots in the wardrobe.

It's amazing how much more organised and positive they'll feel in a de-cluttered space.

A lot of teenagers study in their bedrooms. Maybe that's a good place, private and quiet.

But sometimes the bedroom has too many distractions. That computer on their desk isn't just for schoolwork. It's a temptation to chat and play with friends

Try a few other spots. It could be that a change of scenery now and then, maybe the kitchen, the lounge or even the verandah will help them to focus better.


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